The Bald Truth

George Carlin, one of my favorite comedians, was known for his obsession with language and his uncensored, incisive take on the way language can shield us from facing reality and allow us to hide from hypocrisy in society and our own lives.  When reports of the shooting at Fort Hood began to touch on the possibility that the shooter suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder I thought of a classic Carlin routine where he traces how this very real effect of war on the human psyche went from the "simple, honest, direct" term "shell shock" in World War I through the softer "battle fatigue" until landing on the more distant and bloodless Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.   He ends by wondering if we would be more alert to the plight of those who suffer from bearing the real costs of our wars if the bald term "shell shock" had not given way to the less jarring the rest


GLT's purpose is to build a community that embraces everyone's unique story, offering meaningful Jewish insight in a personal way. We are a community of people who seek unique and dynamic personal Jewish experiences.

GLT takes a contemporary yet timeless approach to Jewish life as we search for meaningful Jewish answers to real-life questions.  Whatever your personal experience or background - traditional or not traditional, interfaith families, Jewish by choice, exploring or revisiting Jewish life  - GLT will touch your heart, mind, and soul.

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